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The ELM Brand Biobased and Biodegradable Rail Curve Grease has over 20 years of successful field performance and sold under private labels in many different brands. This is the TempFlex 35-160 meaning it is designed for summer temperatures ranging from 35F to 160F. (Please inquire about the winder version).  This version also contains molybdenum disulfide, but a less expensive version comes containing graphite only.  We are offering the products directly to help overcome the virus-related disruptions in product acquisition. The ELM Biobased/Biodegradable Greases are made with the most optimized and the highest stability bio oils. Processed by a patented microwave processing technique the products are not damaged during the reaction like conventional processes often are and the cost is reduced considerably.  This is the best biobased grease that works better than conventional greases and yet priced the same as many petroleum greases.  Pails of grease are shipped from Iowa by UPS.


Pallets of 36 pails or open top drums and Jumbo Totes (2400 pounds) and FluidBags 2100 pounds.  Plastic liner inside pail.